Jennifer Lawrence was in New York for Valentine’s Day. She and Aziz Ansari were seen together having dinner in Brooklyn. As you recall, they’ve been hanging out since last year, with Amy Schumer and they were photographed with him on piggyback leaving the SNL after-party when Amy hosted in October.

I feel like everyone writing about this story is going out of their way to clarify that Jen and Aziz are just friends. Why? If it were anyone else and Jennifer Lawrence, wouldn’t we be trying to make them happen? I hope this ends up an episode of Master Of None. As Aziz wrote himself in the NYT, “when Hollywood wants an ‘everyman’, what it really wants is a straight white guy. But a straight white guy is not every man. The ‘everyman’ is everybody.” That applies to gossip too. I’d be into it if Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari were happening. And it’s totally possible.

On Friday Jen was with Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson at the Adele show. Here they are, dancing up on the balcony:

So she left LA on Valentine’s weekend to hang out with Aziz. That’s a story, non?