Last week US Weekly reported that it was over for a second time between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin – click here for a refresher. He’d been in London for a couple of weeks with Gwyneth Paltrow and the kids. And then off to India for Oxfam with Freida Pinto – click here for a refresher. Oh and there was that late night promenade with Kylie Minogue. Meanwhile, Jennifer was making faces with chopsticks for the paps.

Well they spent the weekend together in New York. Not broken up after all. Martin Lawrence was seen walking around Central Park, accompanied by her bodyguards, on Friday, and then on Saturday they were sighted in Tribeca. There was also a bike ride that happened at some point in the day, Independence Day. Gwyneth was a couple of hours away in the Hamptons with Apple and Moses. Click here to see photos.

No group BBQ then, I guess? Jen missed out on the tiki torches. Oh come on. You would totally go to Gwyneth’s Fourth of July party over an afternoon in Manhattan with Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence. 


Hope it was a happy 4th! ❤️💥🇺🇸

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