Jennifer & Chris's 5 Seconds

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 10, 2016 17:50:23 November 10, 2016 17:50:23

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's Passengers comes out at Christmas. They're starting publicity for it already. Today they'll be on Ellen.

This is a Movie staring Movie Stars, specifically two of the most popular Movie Stars right now. Everything hinges on that specific piece of marketing. See Jennifer Lawrence + Chris Pratt! In space! Falling in love!

So their chemistry is essential. And already there were rumours from lower tier tabloids when they were shooting about whether or not that chemistry was shady in real life. As some of you have written to suggest, maybe that's why Jennifer doesn't seem to mind that we know that she's dating Darren Aronofsky. And that we only just found out about it a couple of weeks or so before she began promoting Passengers.

They've been photographed together sharing a lollipop and kissing in public. More than we ever saw when she was with Chris Martin. As if to say, don't even think about talking sh-t about me and Chris Pratt. I have a boyfriend.

But also? I don't want to talk sh-t about her and her boyfriend. I don't really give a sh-t about Darren Aronofsky as her boyfriend. This is not a high-gossip relationship. She herself is a high-gossip celebrity, but she's chosen a low-gossip love interest. And she has to know that the gossip public is a lot less interested in her with Darren than it would be if she was, for example, hooking up with John Mayer (please God, no) or Zac Efron (hard pass) or Tom Hiddleston. By the way, Tom played F Scott Fitzgerald for Woody Allen in Midnight In Paris. And Jennifer's trying to get a Zelda Fitzgerald biopic going. Did you ever see Tom in a film called The Deep Blue Sea with Rachel Weisz? He was quite good in it. Charismatic but also devastatingly callous. It's how I hope they present F Scott Fitzgerald when Zelda's story is told.

But back to Jennifer and Chris and their visit to Ellen - the chemistry is there, for sure. Only I keep thinking it's the chemistry of siblings. In real life, that is. In screen life they'll have to spark romantically. Really curious to see if they can pull it off.

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