Jennifer Lawrence: award season with Nicholas Hoult

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 14, 2014 15:09:00 January 14, 2014 15:09:00

Thank you so much for your emails and tweets yesterday. It was a 10,000 word day and Duana and I worked overnight. So to receive your messages, shouting at us, cussing our asses, disagreeing and agreeing and sharing your thoughts, it kept us going and motivated. We love award season as much as you do. It’s like we’re all at the same party, judging and bitching and fighting and swooning all at the same time.

Many of you wrote to express irritation about Jennifer Lawrence. I guess that’s what happens when someone keeps winning – the backlash. Is it her…or is it us? Is she really that annoying or is it that we can’t stand to see someone so successful? It happens in sports too. When a team or a player just keeps dominating the game, people start to turn. Some of you are sick of Lawrence’s “schtick” – the clumsiness, the aw-shucksy-ness, the Jennifer Lawrence-ness of Jennifer Lawrence. I didn’t love her dress. (Duana called it her Worst of the Globes yesterday – click here for a refresher.) And I certainly didn’t love her assertion a couple of months ago that we shouldn’t get all critical on fashion porn because blah blah blah. BUT I still love Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t see Anne Hathaway in Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t see Taylor Swift in Jennifer Lawrence either. Maybe it’s because Jennifer Lawrence is so great at disappearing. She can go deep undercover when she needs to – and she wants to quite often – which tells me that she understands, she gets it. So no, I’m not giving up on her. Not yet. And I’m certainly not giving up on her now that she and Nicholas Hoult are making their way through their first award season together.

They broke up last year just as her campaign was beginning. He wasn’t digging the pressure, the scrutiny. That may have been the smartest decision for them in the long run – she went through it on her own, experienced the craziness, then retreated, and they worked it out in Montreal in the summer while shooting the X-Men sequel. He was sitting beside her at the Globes on Sunday. She kissed him when her name was called. Some asshole had to get in the way of the shot, although we managed to get another one later on:

Then they went to the parties together. On their way home, while waiting for the car, he gave her his jacket. Look at them. They’re adorable. Also the guy with them is kinda hot too.


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