The X-Men wrap party happened on Saturday in Montreal. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult showed up together, her hand holding on to his arm. They’re back together. Pictures or it didn’t happen!

Well, here you go.

Their reconciliation was predictable. Being on set is like isolation. The world is outside. It’s a bubble. It’s intense and intoxicating and …temporary. So what now?

Lawrence and Hoult met on the set of the first X-Men. They managed to make it work for almost 2 years afterwards. Until The Hunger Games happened and she started campaigning for an Oscar. Word is Hoult was uncomfortable with how loud it became around Lawrence. On a film set like X-Men, that noise can be shut out. But as promotion builds for Lawrence’s two major films this fall – Catching Fire and American Hustle – I wonder if they’ll be able to block it out.