Sorry for waiting on this story. There was an embargo on these photos until 9pm last night and I didn’t want to just link to them because it’s always much better to have the images on hand. Duana and I were driving back from London, ON yesterday when I was asking Jacek to acquire these shots. They are expensive. And Jacek, ever cheap, was all like, really? You want to spend that much money on these and you won’t even be able to post them for another day...?! YES. I did. I do.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were out for dinner on Monday night in LA. So...are they back together? As I wrote in January -- click here for a refresher -- when it was confirmed that they’d broken up, there was a very good chance it wouldn’t be permanent. They’re scheduled to start shooting the X-Men movie very soon.

PEOPLE reported that the two seemed like they were “on a date” at the restaurant. They arrived together and, as you can see, left together in her car. You know what else I like about these pictures? You’ll note, there’s no panic. They’re not ducking into garbage cans and wrapping their heads in newspaper so as to avoid being seen. Let’s just calmly get out of here. Let’s not get dramatic about it. Let’s not add to the drama of it. Which is why it doesn’t get dramatic. Just...maybe a little squealy? Because God they are cute together, non?