Snow and no socks

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2013 20:55:54 March 20, 2013 20:55:54

It’s the first day of Spring!

Here’s what that looks like at my house -- sunbathing!

I guess it really is the first day of Spring on Twitpic

Sorry. I know for some of you there was a fresh dump of snow. Put it this way -- all it ever does it rain, rain, rain here in Vancouver. For weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks at a time. This, here, is not the common March face of Canada’s west coast. Even?

Here’s Jennifer Lawrence in Boston with no socks in the snow heading to work on the new David O Russell movie, also starring Bradley Cooper’s perm. It’ll be their third film together. Lawrence has kept a very low profile since winning Oscar three weeks ago. She was seen lighting up in Hawaii and then, astutely, disappeared. I know I keep saying it, but yes, the can disappear if they want to.

Lawrence is also expected to begin shooting the new X-Men movie soon and then in the fall she’ll be promoting both Serena on the festival circuit and Catching Fire for big box office. It’s quite a career right now.


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