Sasha mentioned in her Finds post today – click here if you missed it – that we in Toronto woke up to freezing rain this morning. Took me 20 minutes to scrape the ice off my car. So that was fun. In my mind, Toronto and New York weather is basically the same. This, obviously, is f-cking stupid and wrong. Because over in New York, according to Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe, it’s spring time. And she’s in a spring/summer dress with her new favourite pair of shoes – Alexander Wang wedges.

These wedges. posted yesterday about these wedges, declaring that:

Wedges Are Cool Again Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence

Are they? Or, more specifically, are these the wedges that are making wedges cool again? Because I’m not a believer in JLaw’s wedges. And I think they’re the wrong wedges to be wearing with her outfit in these photos.

If there’s a wedge that’s making wedges cool again, to me, it’s the wedges I have my eye on and want to buy this weekend. Because my feng shui shoe ban is over. These:

Right? Mine would have looked way better with what she has on.