Jennifer Lawrence is now in Hawaii, presumably hanging out for a few days before resuming production on Catching Fire. Here she is on the hotel balcony catching up with a friend and relaxing with a bottle of wine and a smoke. See, I can’t do both. For me it’s one or the other, and it depends on the blend. Jacek brought home a gentle blend a few months ago called Helen Keller that, finally, didn’t make me nauseous but I’d still be too afraid to chase it with alcohol. After what looks like a very intense phone call though, it looks like Jennifer needed to chill. Who was she yelling at? The internet connection? You’d be amazed how many hotel internet connections are total sh-t. Why is this? The internet connection at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills where most of the Hollywood junkets happen is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. And it’s the Four Seasons!

In other Jennifer Lawrence news, because the world belongs to her right now, Vulture has been running a “this week in Jennifer Lawrence” feature for the last several and in today’s installment, JLaw gives it to Emma Stone (Hollywood girlfriends!), talks about how she’s tired of pimping Bradley Cooper, and freely admits to being photoshopped for Dior. It’s a universal love affair right now. The universe has fallen in love with her. It’s been a long time since we’ve all collectively loved someone so hard.

As for whether or not she’ll get sh-t on for these weed photos, right now, the way this girl has been playing the game, and it really is the best game in town right now, even better than Blake Lively’s, she’ll coast through it, no doubt.

PS. Those photos of Lawrence that we posted yesterday of her with darker hair? She was wearing a necklace… and it’s from Vancouver-based Pyrrha. Click here to buy.