“Blind For Love”

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were out for dinner in Miami on Tuesday night after spending Easter weekend in the Dominican Republic with Marc Anthony and their respective children. Their children are getting close too, as she showed us on Instagram with this photo of her daughter, 9, and his daughter, 12:


Tashi and lulu...🌺🌸 💕

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I mean you know what this means, when the children are in each other’s lives. Which is why I had to laugh at this Page Six story that was posted last night: 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went on a romantic date to the ritzy Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami on Tuesday.

The couple, who have been seeing each other for more than two months, was seated in the private room, which has curtains to shut out prying eyes, although they did get a visit from Lopez’s friend Loren Ridinger.

“It’s a way more serious relationship than most people think,” says a source.

“He was being a gentleman. He wanted to walk in front of her on the way out to protect her.”

Way more serious than most people think?

Come on, now. It is EXACTLY as serious as people think. We’ve been thinking it was serious from the get. Who, really, was in doubt about how serious a relationship this is?

As for him being a gentleman because he wants to walk in front of her to protect her…

She has bodyguards to protect her. THE BODYGUARD IS IN THE GODDAMN PHOTO. ARod was walking in front of her because ARod can only be out front in life, first in life. Nobody’s ever going to be more important to ARod than ARod. The question is how long it’ll take her to figure that out. 

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