It was Jennifer Lopez’s turn for Carpool Karaoke last night. She was cute and god her bone structure is amazing. The singing, however, wasn’t the best part. The best part, obviously, was the conversation. And this is why Carpool Karaoke isn’t really about karaoke but about the sense of security James Corden is able to create around his guests so that they feel comfortable saying and doing sh-t they wouldn’t want to do otherwise – although, to be fair, JLO’s always been kinda game. And she was happy to talk about all her proposals. Or at least how many times she’s been proposed to. Which is five.

Ojani Noa
Cris Judd
Ben Affleck
Marc Anthony


I guess the obvious would be Slum Bear but I’m wondering if it wasn’t Diddy – or Puffy, because I think he was still Puff back then. Is it possible that JLO actually turned down Puff Daddy’s proposal?

Anyway, then James takes her phone. And they start namechecking all the famous people in her contacts. Leonardo DiCaprio is in there. James decides to pull over so he can text Leo as JLO:

"Hey baby, I'm kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? Let me know, JLO, you know, from the block."

JLO kills me when this is happening. She’s cracking up, she’s cussing. She’s mortified…but she loves it too. And then Leo texts back:

“You mean tonight, boo-boo? Club-wise?”


OK so as much as I’d love to believe Leo has “boo-boo” in his everyday vernacular, I’m going to assume he knew he was being punked. But f-ck, don’t you want to live in a world where Leo refers to women over 25 as “boo-boo”?

PS. The part where that stupid ass blue car pulls up and she’s, like, nope with the colour? NOPE WITH THE COLOUR.