Jennifer Lopez will perform I Luh Ya Papi on American Idol tonight. Here she is on the show last night.

If the performance is anything like the video…

I have to tell you, I am obsessed with this video. The video is straight up makeup, hair, and dance porn. Have you seen it? I’ve seen it probably too many times. And more times to come. Because I cannot stop looking at her.

A couple of weeks ago, Duana sent me a text that read:

F-cking JLO doesn’t age.

She doesn’t!

Tell me she looks any different here than she did in Love Don’t Cost A Thing and I will call you a liar. If anything, she keeps looking better. There’s nothing better than a JLO with a top-knot and that jawline. On a boat. Is it gratuitous self-worship? Yes. But can you argue with it? Are you not enjoying it too?

My colleague at The Social says it’s because of all the sex she’s having with a younger man.

I wish I could un-hear that, I really do.

Two things: fine, have the sex but why does the sex have to lead to giving him the head job on the team? And, what Slum Bear has in age, she makes up for it in her face, her body, her moves. So… like… doesn’t she owe it to herself to at least find an upgrade? He’s not her match in achievement, in influence, in charisma, AND in overall physical appeal. You know what I’m getting at. I’m just saying I literally can’t see what she sees. If that were me, it would look entirely different.