There was a story yesterday in the NY Daily News about Jennifer Lopez. Apparently last week, when she was shooting a new music video with Fat Joe, she was supposed to show up at 9am and ended up arriving 5 hours late. And this is surprising?

When did that happen? When were we asked to stop remembering that JLO is all about the white candles and the white leather demands too, just as much as Mimi?

She's just better at hiding it. She just wears jeans more often and scrapes her hair back in a bun instead of wearing ballgowns all day every day with full hair and makeup. But that doesn't mean it's not the same behind the scenes. The only schedule that matters is hers. If you have to wait around for 5 hours so her skin can get that glow, well, who's going to tell her "no"?

Here she is getting on a private jet yesterday with her crew. She's performing at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend. Better than a dictator's birthday party and they still send her a plane.