Jennifer Lopez kicked off her Vegas residency All I Have last night. Many celebrities in attendance including Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson, Kelly Osbourne, Ryan Seacrest, etc etc etc. But, really, as always, the star of the show is JLO. Or, I should say, JLO’s costumes. All kinds of sheerness and sequins and ass. Which ... I feel like none of this feels all that fresh because we’ve seen her in some variation of it before so many times, right?

The thing about her costumes too is that she has to be able to move in them because of all that choreography. The draw of a Vegas JLO show isn’t vocals. It’s choreography and visual spectacle. In order for her to be able to shake it out though the material has to be accommodating. Which is why some of it looks not that luxe? Especially that velvety greenish gown with the gloves? Muppet dress, right?

That said, I’m sure the still photos punch up those details a lot more than they would be from the audience. And if she danced the way she did at the American Music Awards, no one’s going give a sh-t.

She killed it. As expected. Jennifer Lopez works hard. Really, really hard. If there’s one thing you can never doubt about JLO it’s her work ethic.

What you can always doubt about JLO however is… well…the love. She arrived, basked in glory, sick hot in white, to the after-party. With him.