Today is Jennifer Lopez’s 46th birthday. JLO’s been shooting her show, Shades Of Blue, in New York the last few weeks. And Casper Smart’s been seen with her. And this is what he posted on Instagram yesterday:


Smiling cause do you know what tmrw is??? πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰β˜€οΈ

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Sorry. I had to look at it so I’m making you look at it. Slum Bear is basically the exact opposite of Charlie Hunnam. To me, that isn’t a good birthday present. But he has to stay close. Because every gossip lover in the world has been hoping for a Bennifer reunion. One of the biggest gossips at heart is Andy Cohen. Which is why he asked Leah Remini on Watch What Happens Live this week whether or not JLO and Ben Affleck will get back together:

"I really don't know," Remini, 45, told Andy Cohen, after joking that she wants to know the answer herself. "Even if I did, I probably wouldn't [say], because it would be weird for me to comment on people's lives," she continued. "But no, not anything that I know of."

"[Affleck] is married and she's in a relationship," Remini said on WWHL.

"She's back with Casper [Smart]," Cohen later added of Lopez's off-and-on-again beau.

"No," Remini replied, backtracking. "I'm just saying that whatever's in the news is the data that we have. It's the data we're working with."

When Cohen repeated that they certainly are together, she quipped back: "Oh, okay! Thanks!" (Source)

Unfortunately, the data is undeniable. Why does the data have to be so gross?

Also attached – Ben Affleck in Atlanta yesterday wearing his wedding ring.