As I’ve already mentioned, I’m in love with her right now. It’s summer. It’s single, independent, looks like she’s having a great time, looks like she’s having so much fun, and looks…better than she’s ever looked. One week before her 45th birthday…


She looks better than she did at 25.

And she’ll probably look even better at 55.

Is it because I’m projecting so much happiness on her? She’s good, non? She has her kids. She has her career. She has her girls. One of them, Leah Remini. They’ve been hanging out a lot in New York the last week, reportedly apartment shopping. Also relaxing in the Hamptons. What’s it like hanging out and relaxing with JLO? Well, she posted a video on Instagram.

Of course the light on her is amazing. Or maybe she just makes the light better?

Whatever. It’s cute. It’s a snapshot of what life would be like, designed to make that life look, well, as exactly what you think it would look like – glowing.