The entire video is about ass and I’m talking to you about her hair…

But after about 30 seconds, with all that ass in your face, you start to zone out of the ass and focus on other things.

It’s the full-length video for Jennifer Lopez’s Booty featuring Iggy Azalea who, frankly, looks like sh-t next to JLO. That might be the point. Now 45 years old, it’s a new peak. Like, she has never been fitter, more gorgeous, more sexy. You can see it in her skin on those close-ups. Iggy gets close-ups too. And while the difference is 21 years between them (21 years!), that hardly matters when it comes to pore size. Basically JLO has no pores. And Iggy’s are clearly visible.

So, about that hair…

She decided to go no extensions/weave in one of her looks. So that’s what’s underneath those “natural” selfies. Is it really a natural selfie when it’s taken in the best light and someone has already pulled your hair back into a tight bun so no one can see that what she has going on “naturally” coming out of her hair is actually rather ordinary?

I want to see that though. I want to see what she actually looks like without the pieces. And it doesn’t have to be pure “natural” either. Get the stylist all over that, fine. Just… what’s the hair like when it’s only hers, sitting slightly under the chin?

If you’re not born with it, you can buy it. This is not necessarily a bad message. You can actually argue that it’s empowering – but first, it has to be honest.

Check out JLO yesterday going “home” to the Bronx. She always says she’s still and forever one of them, rolling up with her entourage, making sure the lipstick is perfect and an assistant nearby to touch-up her outfit.