And a famewhore.

And if I’m CBS, and she twisted her ankle and couldn’t work as a result of playing tennis in wedge heels, I’d withhold her pay.

This is what it’s like on the Grouse Grind - a 3km hike up a mountain, 2,800 ft of elevation, 2,830 stairs, and the average time is 1.5 hrs.

We trained on the Grind for several weekends in advance of Seek the Peak.

But every Saturday and Sunday morning, without fail, some tourist bus would pull up and these Hello Kitty f-cking idiots would pile out, with their mini heels and Coach loafers and Gucci backpacks and satellite dish visors, because they’re more worried about their skin than breaking their backs climbing totally unprepared up a f-cking mountain, and then they end up sucking. Of course. And holding up the other hikers. Sometimes they even have to be rescued due to a cramp or a blister.

Jennifer Love Hewitt = Stupid Hello Kitty Tourists

Photos from MATEI/