Just like Vampire Diaries, there are a lot of requests that come in for Supernatural, especially since I live in Vancouver where they shoot the show. So here are some new photos from the set yesterday.

I have interviewed Misha Collins a few times for junket and interviews, most recently at Comic-Con – he’s very sweet – and Jensen Ackles for the first time at the Entertainment Weekly party in San Diego and he was ok nice too although, as noted yesterday, f-ck me, at the time I talked to him I also was clueless about the fact that he used to deal with my Porny Jessica Simpson...

I didn’t watch Newlyweds and I obviously don’t watch Supernatural, and so I missed it at some point that Jensen and Jessica were boyfriend girlfriend until LEANN RIMES came along and there was some cheating and a break up and then Porny found Nick, the end.

Goddamn that LeAnn Rimes is Chronic.

Why do I miss Dawson’s Creek so much lately?

Photos from Punkd Images