The last we heard in Jeremy Renner’s ongoing and super messy divorce drama, he and estranged wife Sonni Pacheco were hurling insults and accusing each other of being unfit parents. She said, he said, well now the court has said. Yesterday Renner and Pacheco’s custody case was settled and Renner got his way on all points—no spousal support, joint custody, and the $13K/month in child support originally offered. There’s also a lot of stuff in the settlement that amounts to: You can’t talk sh*t about each other in front of your kid, neither can your families or friends, EVERYBODY BE NICE.

Renner’s settlement comes just in time as he’s about to embark on the Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour. If they didn’t get this done now, they probably wouldn’t have a chance to for another month. Of course “over” is relative—TMZ includes the detail that Pacheco’s lawyer warned that there could be issues going forward while Renner’s “rolled her eyes” and said it was settled. From the beginning, Renner has not allowed much wiggle room, if any at all. His pre-nup ought to be taught in law classes since it held up so well, and despite seeking greater custody and support, Pacheco ultimately agreed to the settlement offered by Renner. As I said when this all began, he has always dictated the terms of their relationship. Turns out he dictated the terms for their break up as well.