Jeremy Renner has been in and out of London all year. Avengers: Age of Ultron filmed there over the spring and summer, and following that, he’s been there working on Mission: Impossible 5 – Presumably There’s A Bomb throughout fall and winter. Here he is once again at LAX over the weekend; not sure exactly where he’s coming from, but London is a logical guess. This is the difference between Single Renner and Family Man Renner—he makes a lot more trips home.

In 2015, MI5 will go up against Star Wars during the holiday season, but it’s not a bad decision on Paramount’s part. MI4 was a surprise hit during Christmas 2011, so they have precedent for doing well in that frame, and in 2015 it presents a solid option, if you want action without the nerds. And while the previous success of the franchise was good, it wasn’t so crazy as to make for unreasonable expectations. If MI5 opens #2 to Star Wars and makes around $40M, that’ll be good enough.

I think the best Renner has ever looked was in MI4. Wardrobe, hair, lighting, angles—everything was working in his favor on that movie. Normally, when someone looks THAT good on film I think it’s the director who has a crush, but I like to think Renner’s maximum hotness was Tom Cruise’s doing. After all, he’s the one who insisted on including this in the movie: