Jeremy Renner is not fired

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 21, 2013 17:06:10 May 21, 2013 17:06:10

Last week a rumor surfaced about Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye being out of The Avengers 2, and that Renner himself could be done with the franchise, as Marvel brass weren’t happy with some comments he made about how Hawkeye turned out. While Marvel is totally willing to recast (see also: Terrence Howard, Edward Norton), sh*t talking is not how you get kicked to the curb. With them, it always comes down to money. Between the rumor about Renner getting canned over saying he was disappointed and the hint that Chris Hemsworth’s negotiations are getting contentious, I put more weight on the Hemsworth speculation because it’s about money. 

The issue of Renner’s return isn’t about what he said in an interview one time, or even what his salary demands may be (his Oscar-nod-to-cost ratio makes him the best bargain in the Marvel stable). His schedule however could be an issue. Including The Avengers, Renner has FOUR franchises on his roster. Do you remember those word problems in math class that were like, “Sally has to visit seven cities in nine days and must go to Boston before Cleveland but after Chicago, what route does she take”? Scheduling Renner’s projects has turned into one of those word problems. Besides The Avengers, he has Mission: Impossible, Bourne, and, hilariously, Paramount greenlit a sequel to Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. So let’s do the math.

If it’s a question of money, then yeah, Renner should be trying to get out of his Marvel commitment in order to focus on a more lucrative gig like Bourne. But if it’s about exposure and raising the profile, then he has to gut out whatever crap Marvel throws him because there is no bigger stage before the public right now. Bourne is worth more than M:I, even though the next Bourne film is currently not scheduled and M:I 5 is penciled in for 2015, and under no circumstances should Renner deal with Hansel & Gretel unless Paramount is offering to pay him in dragons. Like actual, live, raised-by-the-Khaleesi-herself dragons. Anything less is not worth the dignity lost.

You know Marvel. They’re a cagey lot. Everyone’s looking left, at Renner and Hawkeye and weighing his relative value, while over on the right? There is someone walking out the door.

Attached -- Renner out with his baby, Ava Berlin, and his maybe ex maybe not girlfriend Sonni Pacheco.

(Lainey: did you know there are Twi-Hards for Renner who refuse to believe he’s the father of this child?)



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