I’ve already written about Jeremy Renner today. About how he’s recording an album – click here for a refresher.

A lot of people are talking about Jeremy this week because of how he responded to questions about the gender pay gap and Jennifer Lawrence’s essay. He did say he believes in equal pay for equal work. He also said, however, that “that’s not my job” when asked how he thought he might be able to change how sh-t works. Because agents and managers negotiate contracts. And he just acts. And, um, sings. And sells alcohol. So in that sense he can’t really do anything about it?

Really? Because Jeremy Renner is also a producer. As a producer he can certainly do something about it. And besides, you remember when the cast of Friends all negotiated together to ensure that they’d get paid the same per episode? If that can happen, how is it that Jeremy Renner feels it’s so impossible for actors on a film project to try that out?

Jeremy’s publicist released a statement today about all the heat he’s getting.

"The context was that he is all for women or anyone having salary equality, but that's someone else's job to handle and not his," his rep told ABC News. "He is most supportive, but doesn't involve himself in those conversations, so when asked, he was basically saying that.”

Then, Jeremy tweeted this:


I don’t even know what this means. His fans and supporters (read the response tweets) seem to think this means that the media has twisted his words around and that he’ll step up when he has to step up. Or something?

Using the words “That’s not my job” in a discussion about inequality isn’t stepping up. Stepping up would be, “Hey, even though I’m not involved in the process of negotiation, I’d like to figure out how I can get more involved, somehow”. Stepping up would be, um, not pretending to be Cage Match Confucius on Twitter? It sounds like a challenge. Who and what are you challenging? And what’s love got to do with it???

You know what? Never mind.

I can’t believe I’m surprised. When has Jeremy Renner ever given us any reason to have any expectations of him? This is what happens when you forget that actors are stupid.