… Is the best way of describing Now You See Me 2, judging by the new trailer. If you remember the first one—and why would you?—Morgan Freeman ended up in jail because Mark Ruffalo was the best magician in the world, or something like that. So the sequel is Morgan Freeman trying to get revenge on Mark Ruffalo, which is like your grandpa being mean to your puppy. How could anyone ever stay mad at Mark Ruffalo? Look at his fluffy hair! Look at his kind eyes! Here is a cast photo from Now You See Me 2 in which everyone looks like they want to die, except Mark Ruffalo, who might actually be a sunbeam trapped in human form.

The plan involves making the magicians steal a computer whoozit—this is ALWAYS the plan in action movies with no real plot—and Daniel Radcliffe seems to be the guy pulling the strings, in cahoots with Morgan Freeman. So, in the first one the heists were all fake, and in this one the heist is real? Sure. The trailer is heavy on magic and action but the plot is kind of fuzzy, though I do admire the balls on whoever cut it. They just assume the audience remembers Now You See Me well enough to have any idea who the f*ck these people are and why the f*ck they’re mad at each other. That is an impressive display of brass.