What’s your holiday style? Are you a Mariah Carey? Mimi may have taken over Christmas but she does keep it pretty traditional (aside from her tits). It’s red, white, and gold but never green (see Dean’s rules to a Mimi Christmas here).

If Mimi’s holiday themes aren’t your flavour, how about… Mrs Timberlake?

Oh, look who’s jamming herself into the overcrowded celebrity LifeStyle business now.

Mrs Timberlake has “curated” a holiday dream room for DOMAINE. And Mrs Timberlake’s central holiday colour seems to be… BLACK. Have you ever had a neighbour who put up a black wreath? I mean, I love fashion and Paris and Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel and VOGUE as much as the next person but, you know, I’m not sure if I need my Christmas to be chic. Which is becoming an increasing stupid word anyway.

Look at that tree.

Look at the black ribbon all over that tree. It’s…


They’ve just turned a holiday tree into a f-cking mourning tree. And the Squawking Chicken would say that that is very, very, very bad luck. Aiya, why is the tree black?

Click here to see more of Mrs Timberlake’s holiday dream room.

Thanks Kristen!