Mrs Timberlake needs new management

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 4, 2013 14:45:13 June 4, 2013 14:45:13

As you know, Mrs Timberlake’s work schedule isn’t exactly heavy. Deadline posted yesterday that she’s fired her management. The wording of the article is hilarious as Deadline reports that CAA is supposedly “scrambling” to keep her as a client:

“(Mrs Timberlake) discharged her managers late last week, and she will decide her future this week with CAA. That agency is preparing to reshuffle her rep team to try and keep her in the fold.”

Makes it sound like she’s a top priority right? Like it would be a major loss to CAA if Mrs T signed somewhere else? Because she’s some kind of blue chip client?

If Mrs Timberlake broke up with her management team because her career is stagnant, how valuable could she possibly be to CAA? You want to MAKE MONEY off your talent. Justin Timberlake’s wife hasn’t been making all that much money for them in a while. Why, then, would they “scramble” to hang on to her? What’s more likely is that she wants other agencies to think that she’s worth “scrambling” for.

Like WME, her husband’s agency. They seem to be making movie deals for him all the time. And, as you know, Mrs Timberlake hasn’t had a movie deal in a while.

The problem, again, as I’ve noted several times already, and for years, is one of perception -- self perception vs public perception. In a perfect world, Mrs T would have Scarlett Johansson’s career: Broadway, drama, comedy, independent films, blockbuster franchises -- a diverse range supported by talent and “it”. Well, sure. Who doesn’t? But how many CAN?

Mrs Timberlake is not Scarlett Johansson. Mrs Timberlake doesn’t have the range or, frankly, the presence. Which is fine. Which should be fine. We don’t have to be everything to everyone. It’s OK to specialise. She could specialise the way someone, say, Michelle Rodriguez specialises: action.

It’s just...Mrs Timberlake thinks Mrs Timberlake is MORE than action:

“No I don’t see myself as an action star because I do so many things. If I did only action movies and that’s all I was known for then I would feel more appropriate to say it. I just feel it’s one aspect of this business that I love. I feel lucky that I can tap into it occasionally. It’s a genre that I enjoy doing, it’s fun.” (Source)

What, exactly, are the “so many things”?

CAA is supposedly “scrambling” to find out.

Attached - Mrs T in New York last week.


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