Jessica Biel was front row at the Ralph Lauren show at NYFW yesterday. This dress looks great on her. I wish she’d grow out that fringe. Jessica’s relationship with the brand is not new. She wore RL to the MET Gala a few years ago:

That was back in 2010, the same year she covered Vogue (again, if you’re black you have to be the First Lady or Oprah or Beyoncé or Rihanna to cover Vogue – but Jessica Biel somehow got to cover Vogue. I’ve been googling to see if Kerry Washington has ever covered American Vogue. So far the answer I’ve received is No) and she wore RL in that issue too.

The Oscars are a week Sunday. Jessica’s husband is nominated in the Best Song category for writing the Worst Song of 2016. You think she’s wearing Ralph Lauren to the Oscars? Wait. Let me revise the question: IF he takes her to the Oscars, will she wear Ralph Lauren to the Oscars? Will it matter what she wears when it’s all about him anyway and he’ll probably jump in front of her at the photo wall? If he doesn’t jump in front of her will we have to compliment him for being a “wonderful” husband?