A few weeks ago I hinted that Jessica Biel was being considered for Lois Lane in the new Superman. It all started when she somehow made the shortlist for a part in The Dark Knight Rises. As we all know, the role eventually went to Anne Hathaway. Multiple sources confirm to me however that they liked Biel enough to keep her in mind for something else…

And she did indeed have a good shot at it. Until I guess Amy Adams came along and killed off her chances. Adams has officially been confirmed as Lois Lane after director Zack Snyder (whose new film Sucker Punch underwhelmed at the box office this weekend) revealed that: "There was a big, giant search for Lois. For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.”

Poor Shelfy.

She keeps getting so close. And then someone better, and arguably more interesting, comes along and, well, highlights her shortcomings. That’s the problem with Jessica Biel. She’s DULL. She’s even duller than Amy Adams which, I mean, that’s dull, right?

Frankly, I don’t particularly love the choice of Adams either. I’m done with Adams in the spunky wide-eyed roles. Now that I’ve met the other option, I’d much rather see her taking a bitch down by the back of her head. Adams as Lane seems like too obvious of a decision. And I’m not sure I buy her chemistry with Henry Cavill either.

But this is about Jessica Biel. And doesn’t it make sense now that we heard last week about her flirting with Gerard Butler on the set of their new movie? That was a strategically timed leak, non? Knowing that we’d find out she’d lost out on another one soon, she gave us a temporary distraction. And being allegedly desired by Spittle the Bachelor doesn’t hurt either.

She is nothing though if not tenacious. And now that the Superman opportunity has closed, she’s already looking ahead to something else: Total Recall.

They’re remaking it with Colin Farrell. Two female roles are available: one to play Sharon Stone’s part – the fake bitch wife who betrays the main dude (Kate Bosworth has apparently been asked to read which…hilarious) – and a hot asskicker of a woman who helps our hero and they end up falling in love. According to Deadline Biel is going for the latter against Eva Mendes, Paula Patton, and Eva Green. You know, I actually like her odds against those three, especially if there’s some physicality involved.

But can Biel step up to Farrell? You have to believe that a man that charismatic would find something in HER as his match. This is her challenge. You know she’s all over it though. You know she’s all over making gossip with Colin Farrell. And if he pulls his signature move on her and asks her to have his baby, she’d probably do it too.

File photos from Wenn.com