THR reported yesterday that Mrs Timberlake has signed on to guest-star in an episode of New Girl next season. She’ll play a girl called Kat, described as “the hottest scientist in the world”, who’s an obstacle to Zooey Deschanel’s character when they’re all at a wedding trying to hook up.

So I guess Mrs T thinks she’s like Brad Pitt doing a cameo on Friends. Only…not really.

But there it is. She started out on television. She wants to be a Movie Star. But, as I’ve been suggesting for years, maybe TV is where she lives.

Katherine Heigl has recently accepted this. And I truly believe that Mrs T could thrive there. She could have totally been one of the Pope Gladiators. She could certainly be part of a Chuck Lorre show. Like Kaley Cuoco’s character in The Big Bang Theory – wouldn’t something along the same lines be a good fit for her? You can see it, can’t you? The problem is that that’s not how she sees herself. Career dysmorphia.

PS. Ahem, Olivia Munn guest-starred on 3 episodes of New Girl last year.