Duana and I are working old school today at the library, sitting at a table across from each other by a window, fascinated by the regulars who hang out here. People still come to the library to use the computer – I’m a f-cking asshole for being surprised by this. The librarian overdraws her lip liner and wears her skirt barely past the ass. Teenagers have just come at lunch to hide in corners and rub each other discreetly but, really, not that discreetly. It smells like books and hormones.

I’m trying to imagine what these kids, who likely grew up on Glee, would think of the video that you all keep emailing about – from the other night, Jessica Lange blowing off Lea Michele partway through her pose-hard at the American Horror Story premiere. If you’ve not seen it yet…enjoy:

To me, the best part is what happens after Lange shuts her down and Lea’s attempt at the “save”. A little hair nudge, but she’s stunned, you can see it in her eyes. And you wouldn’t want to be the next person to talk to her either because all that embarrassment and rage has to go somewhere.

But I wonder if it’s only amusing to some of us, those who can appreciate that when you’re Jessica Lange, you truly Don’t Give A F-ck. You don’t waste energy on pretending you’re not a c-nt. You don’t hide it behind fake smiles and a fraud sugar disposition. Lea Michele just isn’t there yet. Because these kids in the library, they aren’t impressed by anyone over 30. To them, Jessica Lange’s just an old lady who doesn’t matter. And Lea Michele is living the lives they expect to be living in 3 years, as soon as they graduate high school. One day, maybe Lea will finally find the freedom Jessica Lange has, doing it to one of them.