It’s not Jess and John Mayer for me. Call me Cruise but this time I’m all over it. I am all over Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. Because Jess and Tony make sense. Total sense.

Just look at them! Last night leaving The Key Club on the Sunset Strip after a boozy evening, she’s a tacky cheeseball as usual, and with his open shirt and hair plug hairstyle, Tony is half a Guido. They’re both pouty bitches, they both love the limelight, and most importantly – because this is Jessica Simpson – they look great together. I like the way his hand is holding hers, his arm around her back in this video, the body language implies a certain level of comfort and there is no Shame Face, unlike John Mayer who used to walk around with Shame Face every time he had to take her out.

Jess and Tony …

Love, love, love