Jessica Simpson and pervy Papa Pimp Joe Simpson and her mother and her friends took Tony Romo to Cabo this weekend for a little R&R. Apparently Jess and Tony were seen rubbing each other’s asses, very affectionate with each other and very friendly with her parents. Ew.

They also enjoyed the services of a personal chef.

Sounds like Romo is livin’ the Simpson life. Large. Well done.

Or is it?

The Cowboys had a first round bye and will not play until they face the New York Giants on Sunday. Tony is now presumably back in Dallas to begin preparing in earnest. And he better be prepared come game time. Because the Giants looked good yesterday. Tops in the entire league in sacks with one of the strongest road records. If Romo stumbles, they will blame the Bimbo and they will not look back very favourably on a weekend getaway during the playoffs.

Given that Jess is cutting a country album and is trying to connect with Texas, it’s also her career on the line too when the Cowboys face the Giants on Sunday.

Can’t wait!