Jessica Simpson covers the new issue of US Weekly with daughter Maxwell and newborn son Ace, born June 30. There had been reports that she wasn’t having an easy time getting a good rate on this exclusive. I wonder how much she eventually had to come down. Baby photos have been seriously devalued the last couple of years as the market has been saturated with reality stars’ children and D-listers cashing in. That compelled many of the legitimate major players to rethink the business, offering personal shots on social media instead so as not to be associated with the bottom riders in the industry. Even the royals chose to go the “unaffected” route, deciding not to pose for a professional but for grandpa Middleston instead. The result then is that anyone who does go take the weekly supermarket glossy path to premiere their child seems… well… low classy.

Anyway, not much so far in the way of details except that she’s so happy, loves being a mother, and oh yeah, she delivered Ace via planned c-section. Now if you tell me something as personal as how your son came out, am I allowed to ask you if you had a tummy tuck while you were in there?