Joaquin Phoenix was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Before every Joaquin interview, I’m always braced for the fontrum. You know. But what a pleasure he was this time – he was loose, he was funny, he was quick, he was nice…

And it was an INTERVIEW.

So, technically, press.

Perhaps it’s the love in his life. As reported a couple of weeks ago, Joaquin is now dating Allie Teilz, a 19 year old DJ. The Daily Mail pointed out that a day prior, she was wearing the pink hoodie he had on during the show.

Joaquin is currently promoting Her, the Spike Jonze film that’s receiving critical acclaim. Her opens in limited release next week. I can’t wait to see it. They say he’s riveting, as always. River Phoenix once declared that it was Joaquin who was the most talented actor in the family. That one day, Joaquin’s talent would surpass his. If only River could have given himself a chance to truly find out.