So he butchered Idina Menzel’s name. He f-cked that sh-t up so bad that within minutes there was a Twitter account for @AdeleDazim. I am still laughing about this. But it might be a little mean. Actually, laughing about people having trouble reading is totally mean. And check out this shot of him closely examining his script backstage. The man was trying. Let’s not be c-nts about this then. If we want to be c-nts, we should focus on his hair.

Like, at this point, it’s starting to become a horror movie. The dolls in the neighbourhood are getting scalped. The creepy man down the street with the patch on his chin is coming in the dead of night and the kids are waking up in the morning with bald dolls.


Look how perfect that hairline is. It’s either the world champion in airbrushing making that happen or he’s actually had that thing tattooed. And why is it the older he gets, the more he reminds me of Liberace? There’s that air about him, non? The older John Travolta gets, the less it can be contained. Like a hose with multiple punctures. You put your hand on one leak and the water finds another hole. You cover up that hole and it’ll ooze out somewhere else. Sooner or later everything will come out. He can barely keep his hands off Bradley Cooper!