A new trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2, aka one of my favorite movies of 2017, was released yesterday and this movie continues to look completely f*cking rad. We actually get a little sense of the plot in this one, as John Wick turns down a job which results in a guy sealing his fate as a future victim of John Wick by putting out a contract on John Wick. Why does anyone do this? One of the best things about John Wick was how everyone acted like pissing off John was as good as signing your own death warrant, and yet here’s this dope being like, Nah this’ll work out fine for me.

There’s so much good stuff in this trailer, starting with Ian McShane and Laurence Fishburne and ending with Ruby Rose in tailored menswear. Also, she is playing a deaf assassin? I’d be super into that. I’m still mad at the Marvel movies for dropping Hawkeye’s deafness—it would be cool to have a badass hellraising character who also happens to be deaf. Deafness isn’t a curse, you can be deaf and also be a total boss. And in the ongoing conversation about representation, the differently-abled are TOTALLY left out, so yes, please, bring on Ruby Rose as a hot bitch-in-charge deaf assassin with a penchant for menswear.

The tag line for John Wick 2 is “Never stab the devil in the back” which is f*cking AWESOME, like everything else about this movie. If you’re not already on board with this—WHY NOT? I literally don’t need any other movies in 2017. I just need John Wick: Chapter 2. Please, world, keep it together long enough for this movie to come out.