Last week Star Magazine accused Johnny Depp of cheating on Vanessa Paradis with some 19 year old trick on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. This weekend he was shot in Miami, taking his kid to the Justin Bieber concert (Bieber shouted him out during the show) and yesterday with V and the children at the Dolphins game vs the Bills. Coincidence or conspiracy?

By the way, Johnny had to light up immediately upon leaving Bieber’s performance. Understandable.

No, he’s not as famewhorey about it as the Brange, but Johnny has, lately, been whoring it up more than usual. Remember that quote in Entertainment Weekly? He called the Jolie a “walking poem”. Please.

Needless to say, the point of this exercise is to confirm that despite skipping out on the entire Tourist promotional trip, Vanessa and Johnny are fine. My Dolphins however are not. Even Jennifer Lopez can’t be bothered to show up and cheer half-heartedly anymore.

Photos from INF