In this edition of Celebrity Real Estate, Johnny Depp has purchased a $17.5 million home in Music City. The mansion is almost 20,000 sq ft. And, since his breakup with Vanessa Paradis, this is the second house he’s bought in the last three months, the other a $5 million crash pad in LA. So it’s not just the Brange and George Clooney who live in luxury. This is how he’s spending some of that Disney money. He has a LOT of Disney money.

As you can see, the place is pretty decadent, a proper Nashville Versailles. Word is he’s been seen around town and appears to be pretty comfortable away from all the attention in Hollywood. So far, no sightings yet of Amber Heard or his children.

Also attached - previously unposted pictures of Johnny on stage at Jameson Petty Fest where he performed with The Strokes. 

So... I know he doesn’t suck or anything but what if they didn’t really want him? If Johnny Depp rings up some band all like, I want to play with you, can they actually say no?

Click here to see more pictures of the house.