I know I don’t have to rehash this for you, the Johnny Depp week. And how they’ve turned that around in just 5 days. From “missing” and a “mess” to, oh, he might win an Oscar. Do women ever get the same courtesy?

Fine. I won’t turn this isn’t a feminist crusade. I’ll just get on with it and talk about the Black Mass trailer that was released yesterday featuring Johnny Depp in what they’re calling his most powerful performance in years, maybe ever. Earlier this week after the Warner Bros presentation at CinemaCon, I posted about how they were already talking about a nomination – click here for a refresher. Morley, my executive producer at etalk, compared it to Joe Pesci in Goodfellas – for which he won an Oscar. Totally.

Johnny’s giving a lot of crazy eyes, a lot of crazy energy. He’s getting off on that sh-t. He’s terrifying. He’s GOOD. He’s really f-cking good.

You know what else is good?

How they managed to steer the Depp narrative this week. How they mobilised the best in Hollywood, across two studios – WB and Disney – to change the conversation about him. Which tells you not only how much they have riding on him but how far they’re willing to go for him. Johnny Depp is well taken care of. Protected. Because he’s one of them, no matter how punk rock he wants you to think he is.

PS. How come Sienna Miller’s name isn’t on there?