Not at once but photos and then a couple clips.

This is Johnny Depp yesterday at the UK premiere of Public Enemies, black on black pinstripes looking perfect and light violet tinted shades. Sigh…

So as you know, Johnny and Vanessa they make their home in France. And they apparently speak French at home. And Marion said yesterday that Johnny’s French is excellent, that they would speak together in French on the set, joking that this is how they talked sh-t about other people…

Are you dying to hear what Johnny speaking French sounds like?

Me too.

Thanks to V for sending these in. It’s not ideal, since obviously it’d be better if he was actually speaking live, but it works. And the shorter video fills a few of the gaps in your imagination.

I love French people. They are thoroughly unimpressed.

As for how Johnny communicated with his other co-star Christian Bale – apparently they didn’t. Because they’re both so method, Bale said they preferred not to engage when the cameras weren’t rolling.

I rolled my eyes a little.

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