Black Mass premiered at TIFF last night. Sarah’s review is coming up. But first…because it’s Johnny Depp, and there’s been so much drama about Johnny and Amber in Toronto, we’re starting there.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday – click here for a refresher – I saw Johnny late on Saturday night at the Shangri-La, having a meeting with some older people until at least 2:45am. Rumour has it he was fighting with Amber all night, going up and down the elevator, trying to get her to come downstairs. There are also rumours that Warner Bros was pissed at him because he was supposed to stay low until Black Mass to generate publicity for his own film, rather than give it up for free for Amber in The Danish Girl in which, again, she’s barely a consideration. I’ve also heard that Amber was seen on a terrace at the hotel, allegedly crying.

Amber joined Johnny last night on the Black Mass carpet. Of course she did. There were a few kisses for the camera. Since she’s not in the film, after the photo wall, she bypassed the press line to go inside the theatre. When you’re on the other side of the rope though, as a member of the media, you still try, you still try to get them to stop. Which is what they were trying to do when Amber walked by. Or, rather, stormed by – that’s how the reporters who were there described it.

Amber’s mother was waiting for her and ended up telling Maurie from Kiss 92.5 who she was. When Amber saw that her mother was talking to the media… well…she had some advice. Click here to see the video.

“Never make eye contact.”

She says it like she’s a pro. Great. Would a pro get caught on the audio? F-cking amateur.

As for Johnny, check out his hairline. That’s a 52-year-old-man-who-desperately-wants-to-be-42-again-keeping-up-with-his-young-wife hairline.