Black Mass premieres at TIFF tonight. On Saturday though, Johnny Depp showed up at The Danish Girl gala to support Amber Heard. These photos? Trust me, it’s worse in person. And it’s even worse than that at 2am.

Saturday was my friend Traci’s birthday. I worked until around 10pm and we went out for dinner. Just after midnight we ended up in the lobby bar at the Shangri-La. About an hour or so later we found out that another friend of ours was hosting a private dinner in the back. When we made our way there, Johnny Depp was at one of the corner tables, looking like he was taking a business meeting, still with that ridiculous outfit and hat on. Apparently he’d been going up and down the elevator all night and my sources tell me it was drama with Amber. Would she come down? She didn’t want to come down. So he’d try to get her. And every time he’d return on his own. Maybe it was the people he was hanging with? It wasn’t a young crowd. Four or five people, including one woman, most of them seemed over 65. And they stayed there late. Like when I bailed at 2:45am, they were still there, still talking seriously. Because of course that’s the best time for Johnny to talk business. It’s taken its toll on his face, this kind of living. I’m telling you, up close, that sh-t is rough. From the side you can see the sag and pull of his lifestyle. His skin is loose and grey, his eyes are tired and they fall at the corners – this is not age, this is the catch-up all at once.

Oh and there’s a rumour going around Toronto that Warner Bros is pissed at him for going to Amber’s premiere and lighting up The Danish Girl before his own movie. Johnny’s not doing junket interviews for Black Mass so his presence on the carpet is, basically, his big contribution to the festival. Supposedly they would have preferred that he stayed low until the Black Mass carpet tonight instead of lending his star power to a film in which his wife makes pretty much no impact. I guess… that was the point?