TMZ has photos of Ygritte and Jon Snow a couple of weeks ago being all sweet and romantic at a London restaurant. Click here to see. Apparently they were kissing too. OK fine so they’re probably dating in real life but more they f-ck in the story? I really want them to.

Wait. No. Don’t tell me. I will endure the next 8 months.

Anyway, here’s Ygritte, or Rose Leslie if we have to call her by her actual name, at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last month with an unidentified date. Meanwhile Jon Snow, ok fine Kit Harington, was photographed with Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) at Brazil House during the Olympics.

Not to add to anyone’s misery but you realise we still have to get through all of Fall and then all of Winter before Game Of Thrones comes back on again? But it will come. At least we know it will come. Now imagine you’re Victoria Beckham at the mercy of Anna Wintour for a Vogue cover. There’s always someone who has it worse. True story - this is what I think of at the airport baggage claim: it will come, it will come eventually, unlike Vogue for Victoria Beckham.