The Jonas Brothers were supposed to go on tour in two days. It was just announced this afternoon that they're tapping out and PEOPLE reports that it's because they pretty much hate each other right now.

No, not in those words, but their publicist is calling it a "deep rift" over "creative differences".

Deep rift?

Very specific language. I'm telling you, if the official language is "deep rift", the unofficial truth is that they can't stand to be in the same venue together let alone onstage, and it's probably not creative differences either, although they're trying their best to front like it's all about how the music sounds. Ok, really? It's the Jonas Brothers. When has it ever mattered how the music sounds? Something about their songs being different and they each want them arranged a different way and released a different way and...two days before the tour and that's what they're fighting over, to the point where they're willing to give up that much money and you believe that?