Written by Sarah

Of all the possible titles for Christopher Nolan’s third (and very probably final) Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises > The Dark Victory >>>> The Caped Crusader.

There are few projects in pre-production these days under more scrutiny than Nolan’s third entry into his Batman franchise. The Hunger Games, maybe, but I would argue it hasn’t crossed into general pop culture consciousness yet the way Batman dominates so much of the pop landscape. Coming off the huge success of The Dark Knight in 2008 and Inception’s impressive run last year, which culminated in four Oscars, expectations for The Dark Knight Rises are so high my nose bleeds just thinking about them.

After years of speculation, we finally have actual info regarding The Dark Knight Rises. We know the villains: Tom Hardy will be Bane, and Anne Hathaway will be Selina Kyle/Catwoman (although the press release announcing Hathaway’s involvement did not specifically mention Catwoman, just Selina, so I wonder if we actually see Annie in a suit). We know they’re filming this summer in London and Los Angeles. And after months of speculation we know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will indeed be in the movie. Though Warner Brothers hasn’t confirmed his role yet, Variety says that he’ll be Alberto Falcone, son of the mob boss Batman and his cohorts were trying to bring down in The Dark Knight. Alberto comes from the graphic novel The Dark Victory and is a highly-educated young man who has been kept out of the family business. Unfortunately, you can keep the boy out of the crime but you can’t keep the crime out of the boy and Alberto is a psychopath known as The Holiday Killer.

You can see it, right? Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing more of those spectacular suits, acting all charming and slick, only to turn around and kill people in gruesome fashion? It makes a lot of sense. I like the speculation that he’s playing Alberto. The story arc fits into what Nolan has established already. And for anyone who thinks Nolan is randomly flinging villains onto the screen without a plan—bitch, please. Nolan has already delayed this production in order to refine his script. He knows what he’s doing. The Dark Knight had three villains-The Joker, Two Face and the mob—and The Dark Knight Rises will have three villains. Although I’m still not convinced Catwoman emerges as such.

There is however another bit of casting news that leans in Catwoman’s favor, maybe. Variety is also reporting that British actress Juno Temple is in talks for a role as a “tough Gotham street youth”. It doesn’t sound like a big part but it would be a mainstream break for an actress I’ve been saying is on the verge for ages. As for the potential character--my money is on Holly, a prostitute Selina Kyle takes in and eventually makes her sidekick.

I know what you’re saying. Who cares about this but superhero/comic nerds? You should care. Nolan made Inception, hailed as one of the most original and inventive blockbusters made during a time when original properties are being passed over in favor of more remakes, with the clout The Dark Knight brought him. Imagine what he could do if he scores with Batman again?

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com