One of the best things about Jimmy Fallon when he was on Saturday Night Live was that he could never hold his sh-t together. Never! And when Fallon laughs, it’s infectious. Which is why he’s doing such a great job on Late Night. He loosens up his guests. It’s fun. They know it’s fun going on Fallon. And as such he makes his guests, most of them, the ones who are willing play, look great. Fallon has made me love Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Did you watch Joe on Jimmy?

It’s the karaoke bit where Jimmy sings like David Bowie and Joe sings like Axl Rose. How are you not laughing through this entire clip? I also really love when Jimmy plays charades. Not here with Joe but a classic example of it is the time he played with Neil Patrick Harris and Chris Kattan and Higbones. Was hysterical. I’ve embedded that below too. Maybe you need some silliness this afternoon.

Also attached - JGL on The Today Show yesterday with Seth Rogen continuing to promote 50/50.


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