Joseph Gordon Levitt is in Montreal shooting a film called The Walk, a biopic about Philippe Petit who walked back and forth between the Twin Towers in 1974 on a wire. This explains the costume. It makes him look even littler than he is.

I watched Don Jon on TV the other night. Did you enjoy it? The movie, JGL’s directorial debut received good reviews. He also wrote the screenplay. Here’s what I liked about it: Julianne Moore. Here’s what I didn’t like it about it: everything else. Yes, great that a mature, wise, generous woman enlightened him about the profundity of sex. But it’s so simple, isn’t it? That he made that choice because the other choice was a gel-nailed gum, snapping judgemental bitch who just wanted a big ring? I’m not sure he did the female character any favours there, even though you’re supposed to walk away from the movie, as a woman, feeling vindicated because the stereotypical alpha dude figured out that feelings are important.