The last we heard from Deadpool 2, Michael Shannon was the frontrunner to play fan favorite Cable. Yesterday, though, it was announced that Josh Brolin will be playing Cable, agreeing to a four-film deal. This means that not only is Brolin double-dipping with Marvel—he plays the big bad, Thanos, in the Avenger movies—but he’s also crossed the Marvel/DC line, having previously been Jonah Hex for DC (remember that movie? IT WAS SO BAD). Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone else who has worked for all three superhero studios. Josh Brolin has a nerd bingo.

This is not a bad choice, in and of itself. Upon reading the news, I could see Brolin as Cable with perfect clarity. But they teased us with Michael Shannon, which would have been AMAZING, and in comparison Josh Brolin is acceptable, if not inspiring. Brolin will have a busy summer, though, as Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2 will both be shooting, although his work as Thanos could be mostly vocal performance, if he elects not to be the one donning the mo-cap pajamas on set with the other actors. He wouldn’t have signed onto Deadpool 2 if the scheduling wasn’t already worked out, so I assume Fox and Disney fixed sh*t between them. I only have one real question about Brolin’s casting and that’s whether or not Barbra Streisand’s Mall will feature Cable costumes at Halloween?


Attached - Josh at a Lakers game last month.