Second night in a row, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn together, this time at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. But while Sean has been on his best behaviour, campaigning for that 2nd Oscar and holding his notorious surly attitude in check, he’s apparently letting his brother take over where the sh-t disturbing is concerned.

Josh delivered a memorable tirade the other night at the NY Film Critics Circle Awards, ripping into a theatre critic for writing a bad review about him years ago and also publicly calling out Russell Crowe:

"Quite an actor Sean Penn . . . Amazing. Not an asshole like Russell Crowe." They worked together on American Gangster.

Was he drunk?

Of course. And admittedly so. And this is why the Globes have the potential for being so much smutty fun. Because they don’t eat. And they keep throwing back the champagne. And they’re actors, so everything is heightened anyway. And when an actor has nothing to lose… like Josh Brolin who knows he doesn’t have a chance against Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman and RDJ… anything can happen.

Or not. That’s the thing about awards shows, non? Like bad boyfriends. Even if they keep disappointing, you keep going back for more…

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