At the end of my career prospectus on Joshua Jackson, I said the next step for him would be to get a gig with a cable network, and now THR is reporting that he’s signed onto Showtime’s pilot The Affair, from the team behind the much-admired In Treatment. Either I have magic powers and can bend the circumstances of the universe to my will, or Joshua Jackson is a sensible-type person who knows his limits and his strengths and is actually content with where he’s at and felt no need to sign onto Zoom Zoom Cars 7.

The show sounds pretty intense. Jackson will star along with Luther’s Ruth Wilson (we’re all collectively pretending she wasn’t in The Lone Ranger, right?), Dominic West and Maura Tierney, as a “hard-edged cowboy managing a ranch on Long Island”. I can actually see the cowboy part, it’s the “ranch on Long Island” part I’m having a hard time with. Maybe it’s the part of me that’s from Texas and has a cattle ranch in the family that’s thrown by that. There are ranches on Long Island? (Google check: Yes, dude ranches.) Anyway, he plays a cowboy, his wife cheats with Dominic West, and everything goes to hell. Fun!

This is a solid move by Jackson. Premium cable gig, good producers, quality talent around him—exactly the place he should be after network TV. And that he chose an ensemble piece instead of a vanity project says something about Jackson, doesn’t it? He isn’t egotistical, he’s a team player, he can share his toys. It’s very…likeable. I think I’m starting to get it.

The other thing I mentioned in my prospectus was that Jackson, as one-half of a Darling Celebrity Couple, could become a male celebrity lifestyle guru, like Goop For Guys or something. Last month he dabbled with that, talking style and cultural “tribes” with Mr. Porter for a fashion editorial. There’s only one logical explanation here. Clearly, I am magic.